David Walbert Hand-Tool Woodworking

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“Welsh” stick chair

A Welsh stick chair is a chair made in the manner of a Windsor, but without fancy turnings; in the tradition of chairs made for home use by ordinary people of that country. Though centuries old, stick chairs are well suited to modern homes, with a simple but elegant form that’s built for comfort and everyday use.

My version borrows heavily from the Welsh tradition and from the work of John Brown and others, but the specific design, particularly the placement and shape of the spindles (or “sticks”) is my own. It is intended for sitting at a desk or table, but is equally comfortable for leaning back to think a bit or to digest your meal. Made from ash (legs), hickory (stretchers), white pine (seat), and red oak (spindles and crest); and finished with black over red milk paint and a coat of Osmo Polyx Oil for water and scratch resistance.